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We do it because our firm of 50 young people really engage with that philosophyJohn Roberson
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Episode 8 Participants:

If you build a good business, you will have exit options.Townes Duncan
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Episode 7 Participants:

If you can let the other person win the ’emotional’ outcome, you can often get a better ‘rational’ outcome for yourself.Elizabeth Crook
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Episode 6 Participants:

The focus… just the direction of ‘this is where we are going’ has an impact.Gary Minor
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Episode 5 Participants:

I’d love a list of people who’s businesses don’t have a strategic plan, because I will come along and swoop them up cheap.Becky Sharpe
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Episode 4 Participants:

The hiring of good employees is what you need to do off the bat.Scott Miller
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Episode 3 Participants:

because the experience that people have is going to be significant as to how they feel about you… and more importantly how they feel about themselves.John Lowry
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Episode 2 Participants:

About Beacon

The Beacon Series is one of the many ways that Tennessee Bank & Trust gives back to the community. This original series was developed with the NECAT network, Nashville’s public access television, to share expert business advice and experiences from successful local executives with the community. After a successful launch of the first season and a positive reception from viewers, Tennessee Bank & Trust is underwriting a second season of episodes with topics that will include ‘Motivational Methods that Work’. The Beacon Series airs weekly on iQtv10 / Comcast Tuesday at 12PM and 8PM in the greater METRO Nashville area. Episodes and highlight clips are available on YouTube and, of course, right here.



Tennessee Bank & Trust is proud of its 112 year old association with parent bank Farmers Bank & Trust and its long-standing tradition of service and respect. We are a full-service Bank that offers clients a range of custom products and services for both individuals and businesses.

Our Customers. Our Approach: “It’s All About You”
In banking, we believe an organization’s size is not always the best measure of success. Actually we are not looking for the most clients, just the right clients. This limited size allows us to maximize our approach to banking: focusing on knowing our customers, their goals, and helping them succeed. That is why we recruit only experienced bankers who share our inclination for service to their clients. We are seeking customers who want the same thing as us… “a long term relationship”.

Paula Lovell

As the skilled moderator for The Beacon Series, Paula sets a comfortable and inquisitive tone bringing out smart discussions about topics prominent on every executives mind. Paula Lovell founded Lovell Communications Inc. in 1988 and is an award-winning public relations, crisis communications and marketing communications agency representing a variety of industries and services. From their operations in Nashville, TN and Washington, D.C. they service a nationwide client base developing and implementing results-oriented marketing communications programs focusing on both business-to-business and consumer marketing.

For more information click here: Lovell Communications Inc.